Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop
AmCham is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in a workshop designed to optimize your communications with government and help you understand the new requirements around the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme. pastevent

Strategy Workshop: Optimise Your Communication with Government 

With Nick Campbell, NEXUS Capital Affairs; Matthew Hingerty, William Roberts Lawyers; Robert Ishak, Barton Deakin Government Relations; Michael Kauter, Strategic Political Counsel; Claire March, Counsel House; and Elizabeth White, AmCham Australia

AmCham Australia members understand the benefits of engaging constructively with local, state and federal governments.
To support our members’ initiatives, we regularly convene policy committees on diverse issues, provide platforms to a range of speakers, publish research and discussion papers, and lead parliamentary doorknocks on topics of importance to the bilateral trade and investment relationship. 
To supplement these programs, AmCham is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in a workshop designed to optimize your communications with government and make sure you engage with impact.  Our panel of experts from across the political spectrum and legal sphere will deliver short, sharp presentations on the political processes, insights into important stakeholder groups, information on new laws and requirements, and strategies for effective engagement. 
They will offer their thoughts on how you can achieve excellence in your political engagement by addressing issues such as: when is it appropriate to reach out to a Ministerial office versus a Government Department; what opportunities can interested parties have during the legislative process; when do you need a lobbyist; which issues are better to handle in-house; and what role can business chambers, peak bodies, or industry groups play? 
The workshop is a unique opportunity to build capability at an important time in the political cycle.

About the Presenters

Nick Campbell, Chairman, APAC, NEXUS Capital Affairs

Matthew Hingerty, CEO & Managing Director, Barton Deakin Government Relations

Matt Hingerty is one of the most experienced political and industry figures working in government relations consulting in Australia. He leads Barton Deakin’s national government relations business and is responsible for all client quality assurance along with assisting Barton Deakin’s clients in the NSW and Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Matt’s career has spanned the highest level of state and federal Liberal/National governments and been a senior industry representative for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Barton Deakin, he worked as a Ministerial Chief of Staff for the first 15 months of the O’Farrell Government. He was also Chief of Staff to minister Joe Hockey in the Howard Government, an adviser to Peter Collins as Opposition Leader in NSW and an adviser to NSW Premier John Fahey and several ministers throughout the Greiner-Fahey Governments from 1988 to1995.

In the world of industry representation, Matt has worked as the Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council, with TTF Australia and the NSW Minerals Council.

Robert Ishak, Chairman, William Roberts Lawyers

Robert Ishak is co-founder and chairman of William Roberts Lawyers. He is a Notary Public, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Governor of AmCham and the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Robert adds a different perspective to most lawyers given that he is a commercial litigator which enables him to identify potential issues and ensure that clients avoid legal pitfalls. Robert is highly regarded for his ethical approach and personal integrity.

In 2003 and 2004, Robert served on the Litigation Law and Practice Committee of the New South Wales Law Society. He also lectured at Western Sydney University in two final year subjects, namely, Commercial Law and Corporations Law. Key topics included the regulation and legislation of corporations; corporate constitutions; corporate governance; duties of directors and controllers; corporate control and management; shareholder actions and remedies; sale of goods; consumer protection; misleading and deceptive conduct; manufacturers liability; insurance law and trade practices.

Robert was the original author of the chapter Drafting Pleadings in The Practitioner’s Guide to Civil Litigation first edition and chapter editor in the second and third editions. Robert also reviewed and edited Pro Bono Practices: A guide to the pro bono practices of NSW’s largest law firms published by New South Wales Young Lawyers and the National Pro Bono Resource Centre.

Michael Kauter, Founder and Managing Counsel, Strategic Political Counsel

Michael Kauter is one of Australia’s most respected non-partisan political lobbyists and CEO of boutique corporate advisory firm, Strategic Political Counsel (SPC). He is the only lobbyist specialising in the minor parties and the cross bench. Michael operates effectively with his own style, which brings a novel approach consistently able to achieve results. Michael has a particular and experienced knowledge of issues and how they relate to the current political climate.

Claire March, Managing Director, Counsel House

Claire March is one of Australia’s most respected government relations strategists and political advisors. Claire is called on to advise Labor leaders on their strategy and has worked for three Labor leaders including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, NSW Premier Nathan Rees, and a Chief Minister, Paul Henderson. She also served as a Deputy Chief of Staff to Stephen Conroy in his capacity as Minister for Communications and Leader in the Senate, and for Kate Ellis as Minister for Employment Participation in the Federal Labor Government.

Claire is a highly sought after advisor on government relations and communications and provides strategic advice to major national and international companies on how best to work with government. She has held corporate government relations position in the private sector and has first-hand knowledge of the business impacts of government decision making.

Claire is a proven communications professional and was Deputy Director of Communications in the 2013 Federal election campaign. Prior to her time as a political staffer, Claire worked in a variety of public sector communications roles.


Elizabeth White, Research Fellow, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Elizabeth White is a strategic and government policy expert currently working as AmCham’s Research Fellow on a range of government engagement projects. Prior to this she worked in Northrop Grumman Australia as the Operations Director, where she coordinated and oversaw functional maturity and operations development to support NGA’s business. A long-term public servant, Liz has worked predominantly in the Department of Defence in international engagement roles focusing on the Middle East, United Nations, Africa, and the Pacific. This included deployment on military operations in the Middle East as the senior policy advisor. In addition to her international engagement roles, Liz has also worked as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary Strategy, Coordination and Public Affairs and Chief of Staff International Policy. She holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Studies. 

Event Host


Invitation transferable: feel free to forward this invitation to anyone within your organisation or networks who you think might be interested in this event.

12/06/2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
William Roberts Lawyers Level 22 66 Goulburn Street Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12/06/2019 9:00 AM

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