Attracting US Investors to Australia: The Opportunity is Now

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Firm action is needed now to remove unnecessary regulatory burdens on business and incentivise US investors to choose Australia as their preferred destination. This report outlines practical recommendations to remove these burdens and drive forward the Government’s deregulatory agenda.

Foreign investment plays a vital role in Australia’s economic prosperity by bridging the gap between what Australia saves and invests every year (equivalent to ~4 per cent of GDP on average over the last few decades). The success of the US and Australian economies are particularly intertwined, with US activity in Australia contributing around seven per cent of our total annual economic output.

In 2021 widespread uncertainty from a confluence of events - most notably the COVID-19 pandemic - has motivated businesses to reevaluate their organisational structures and foreign operations. Australia should capitalise on this changing environment to position itself as a prominent destination for US investment and to increase our share of outward US investment, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

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