About Us

Who we are...

As the voice of international business interests, throughout Australia and the US in particular, AmCham’s story has always revolved around its members, and our ability to provide them with invaluable access to opportunity.

It’s a story of connectivity. Our members include CEOs, executives and professionals of all ages, and from all walks of business. Our strong and supportive network provides them with up-to-date information, unparalleled access to opportunities, a robust business events program, a diverse membership database, and a voice to potentially shape Government policy. 

It’s also a story based around quality global participation: we actively promote international business with trade missions, including the highly regarded Offshore Technology Conference. 

And our story is one of generosity: we work with the US Commercial Service and Austrade to welcome and host inbound business missions. With over 100 AmChams located worldwide – including 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific region alone – AmCham is one of the best B2B networks in Australia and overseas. 

And it’s our members who make it; we simply provide the networks, the opportunities and the support for you to do what you do best.

April Palmerlee
CEO, AmCham

What we provide...


1. Networking

AmCham’s events program gives members the chance to network with people from across Australian business. With events covering all different sectors, and in a variety of formats, AmCham events are a fantastic environment to expand your business network.

2. Access

Our member list includes some of the country’s biggest companies – and being an AmCham member gives you a seat at the table. We can connect you with business, government, and thought leaders across the spectrum. Need an introduction? AmCham can make it happen.

3. Advocacy

Our committees and board develop positions on issues affecting our members, from trade to tax to industry standards. Through these positions, we can advocate for our members to government both here and in the United States.

4. Visibility

AmCham’s position as the voice of Australia-US business can be a strong advantage for members who sponsor our events. Your brand can be seen and associated with some of the biggest names in business. This can also be carried through on our website and our publications.

5. Information

We are committed to providing cutting edge information, data and resources for members on issues affecting their business. We work hard to ensure you know the essentials for business in Australia and the United States

Where we operate...

Our roots are in America, but today we serve the business community across Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

With offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, AmCham is Australia’s largest and most prestigious international business organisation. We also run various activities in Darwin and in Tasmania. 

AmCham provides assistance to U.S. and Australian companies and assists in promoting trade, commerce, and investment to and from Australia.

To view a copy of AmCham's Constitution, please select this link .