AmCham Members Pledge to:
'Give a Vet a Go'

Each year, approximately 6,000 people discharge from the Australian Defence Force from more than 200 different roles. They bring with them a myriad of skills and experiences of great benefit to the private sector. These include: world-class training, technical skills, teamwork and character. Many of these skills are highly transferrable including leadership, risk management, communication, problem solving and critical thinking. 

The ‘Give a Vet a Go’ Pledge encourages all hiring organisations to consider the diverse capabilities and applicable experiences veterans can bring.

If you would like to confirm your support or if you have any questions, please contact our General Manager Government Relations Amie O'Mahony directly at [email protected].

'Give a Vet A Go' Pledge

In making this Pledge, members agree to support veteran employment through:

  • Showcasing the current veteran talent already employed within their organisations;
  • Welcoming veteran applicants for open positions in their companies, and encouraging those in related industries to do the same;
  • Growing the number of veteran hires within their organisation;
  • Committing to review the applications of qualified veteran applicants for open positions and having a recruitment process in place where veteran applicant skills and service experience are understood and valued;
  • Supporting unsuccessful veteran applicants with the opportunity to seek actionable feedback to improve future employment prospects; and
  • Where possible, identifying mentors, educators, and veteran alumni for new veteran hires to network, skill up and accelerate their success.