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January 2019

Message from AmCham CEO April Palmerlee

Welcome back and happy new year!



I spent a few weeks in the US during the holidays and experienced the US Government shut-down firsthand. At first, we noticed the tourist inconveniences: we couldn’t go sledding in a National Park; the Smithsonian, the National Gallery and the White House Visitor Center were shuttered; travel was delayed. But as the shutdown dragged on, I started to think about the effect a shutdown has on businesses across the country. Tax returns are not being processed. Small companies are unable to access assistance from the SBA. Growing companies are unable to raise capital or complete IPOs. Food and drug safety inspectors are sidelined. Mortgage approvals are delayed. Some research stops. In fact, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers says that the shutdown reduces quarterly economic growth by 0.13 percentage points for every week that it lasts. That means the economy has already lost more than half a percentage point due to the shutdown, which has now lasted a historic 30 days. (Q1 growth in 2018 was 2.2%)


Although the US is unlikely to be able to solve all of its immigration challenges with a single solution, there is a clear compromise that Republicans and Democrats can and should seize without delay so that America can once again declare it is open for business. I’ll be appearing on this afternoon to discuss the economic impact of the shutdown on business in the US and Australia.


Meanwhile, here in Australia, the voting population is preparing to go to the polls to make decisions about our own federal leadership – and in some cases, state leadership as well. AmCham will continue to represent our members’ interests with our Meet the Minister series, as well as our popular Doorknocks to Canberra, Washington, and state capitals. Our researchers are working on a paper to present to the next federal government with suggested policies that will safeguard current investment and attract additional FDI; if you would like your company’s viewpoint represented, please .


The month ahead holds a lot of excitement for AmCham members across Australia. We will inaugurate the AmCham Academy in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Gridiron fans will turn out in force in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne for SuperBowl LIII. We will host events on sports, agtech, and energy. See below for more details on the events you won’t want to miss.


And remember to consider joining me from 3-6 March in Hong Kong for the APCAC Business Summit. Last year, I attended the summit (held in Kuala Lumpur) with the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Canberra, and we were impressed with the quantity and quality of speakers and presentations at the event. APCAC has been holding this summit – bringing together AmChams from all over the Asia Pacific – for decades, and it really is a great opportunity for you to make connections, build relationships, and nourish deals. We have a special all-inclusive package with beautiful accommodation at a 5-star hotel, comfortable flights on our travel partner Virgin Australia, summit entry, meals, and more. for more information or to register your interest.



Thank you for your ongoing support,


April Palmerlee

Chief Executive Officer

American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

P 02 8031 9000 | E

AmCham members will want to know that the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme has been implemented; to read about the scheme and determine whether you or your company needs to register.


The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme commenced on 10 December 2018. Its purpose is to provide the public and government decision-makers with visibility of the nature, level and extent of foreign influence on Australia's government and political process.


The scheme introduces registration obligations for persons and entities who have arrangements with, and undertake certain activities on behalf of, foreign principals. Whether a person or entity is required to register will depend on who the foreign principal is, the nature of the activities undertaken, the purpose for which the activities are undertaken, and in some cases, whether the person has held a senior public position in Australia.

Premium Network News



New analytics platform to help future-proof farms


Australia's national science agency, CSIRO and rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS) today launched an innovative new platform that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based geospatial technology to deliver reliable, independent and robust farm data and analytics.


The Rural Intelligence Platform is the first ever software to comprehensively assess and monitor rural land anywhere in Australia, drawing on information from trusted data sources on productivity, water access, yield, land use, crop type, rainfall, drought impact and....




Laureate International Universities


Learn all about the Laureate Here for Good Awards and how they impact the communities they serve


Laureate International Universities believe society is best served when their students, faculty, and their entire organization use their collective skills and experience to create positive and lasting change. Their students and graduates are improving lives and making our world better. Their faculty and institutions are providing the critical skills, knowledge and support to help make this happen. To them, this is about permanence and purpose. This is what Laureate mean by Here for Good....






From Direct Messages to chatbots, @Sprinklr data sheds light on the future of customer care


With more than 3 billion people on social media this year, it’s natural that more consumers are using it to connect with businesses when they have questions, compliments, or complaints. Customers expect the ability to connect with companies online, which means more customer service teams are turning to social media as their primary way of reaching out.


From the rise of direct messaging and chatbots to more sophisticated social data, here are five customer care trends Twitter noticed in 2018, and expect to hear more about in 2019....






What’s behind our focus for the big game


A campaign of gratitude. Last year, Verizon’s spot during the Super Bowl focused on thanking first responders. This year, they wanted to go deeper and bring forward real stories of how first responders have changed lives.


From car accidents to devastating natural disasters and house fires – each time a first responder answered the call to save their lives. Had it not been for a first responder, this is the team that wouldn’t be here....



A warm welcome to our newest members

The following companies have come on board as new members since my last newsletter:

FTI Consulting
La Trobe University
Sajen Legal
TH Real Estate
The Cohen Group
Two Bulls

Upcoming Trade Missions and Delegations

APCAC Business Summit

Hong Kong | 3-6 March 2019


The Future of U.S. Trade and Investment in Asia


Asia's continued rapid development has made the region the biggest engine of the global economy and has presented enormous opportunities for American multinational businesses. Against this backdrop of potentially seismic shifts in the world economic and political order, more than 300 top business and political leaders from around Asia and the U.S. will gather in the vibrant heart of Hong Kong's financial and business district for the 2019 APCAC Business Summit.


The 2019 APCAC Summit will be a crucial event for industry leaders to analyse new developments and adapt to the new and unpredictable trading climate. Under the theme of “The Future of U.S. Trade and Investment in Asia”, discussion topics will span the entire spectrum of modern commercial and business concerns.


For more information or to register your interest as a delegate, contact Amie O'Mahony, Government Relations Manager on 02 8031 9000 or email .

Offshore Technology Conference

Houston, Texas USA | 6-9 May 2019


Join us to celebrate OTC’s 50th Anniversary of the largest Offshore Oil & Gas Conference in the world. Since 1969, OTC has made a USD 3 billion economic impact in Houston.


The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) showcases leading-edge technology for offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is the worlds foremost event for the development of offshore resources. The conference, this year celebrating its Golden Anniversary, attracts attendees and exhibiting companies from around the globe


In the current energy environment, the importance of innovation and technology is vital to meet the world's future energy needs.


For more information or to register your interest as a delegate, contact Penelope Williamson, General Manager WA/NT on 08 9325 9540 or email .

APCAC Washington Doorknock

Washington DC, USA | 14-19 July 2019


The recent U.S. Mid Term elections, seen by many as a referendum on the Trump Administration and the direction of the country, witnessed a shift in power with the Democrats gaining control of the House while the Republicans consolidated their hold in the Senate. Reverberations are still being felt as the government experiences the longest shutdown in U.S. history.


What does this mean for our region, in particular Australia? How much harder will it be for the Trump Administration to enact desired tax cuts and immigration restrictions? Will U.S. Trade Policy change?


In what is already proving to be a critical juncture in American politics, AmCham Australia is pleased to offer your business the opportunity to send a representative on the AmCham Washington Doorknock, taking place from 14-19 July 2019.


For more information or to register your interest as a delegate, contact Amie O'Mahony, Government Relations Manager on 02 8031 9000 or email .

Upcoming Events



Can South Australia be the leading state for business startups? The Premier and the new Chief Entrepreneur, co-founder and chairman of Nova Group, Jim Whalley, thinks we can. Jim is supported by the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board consisting of prominent business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Our panel will discuss what they and the government are doing to support this brave and audacious goal of encouraging entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and turn ideas into businesses.


Jim Whalley, Chief Entrepreneur and Chair, Nova Group


Jim McDowell, Chief Executive, Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Mohan Koo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dtex Systems

050017 Event Image

Business Luncheon

Friday 15 February

11.45am - 2.00pm

InterContinental Adelaide



The Ag 4.0 revolution offers enormous opportunities for Australia's Agriculture, Food and Agtech sectors. Our panel of experts will share their views on what the opportunities are; the challenges to realising those opportunities; and how Australia can play a leading role in the Ag 4.0 revolution.


Hugh Killen, Managing Director and CEO, AACo


Ken Sloan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President (Enterprise), Monash University


Justin Webb, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, AgriWebb

Business Luncheon

Thursday 21 February

12.00pm - 2.00pm

Hosted by Allens Melbourne



Ralph Ellis, President, Operations Services - APAC

Wood PLC


The rise of disruption throughout the marketplace creates new challenges for business to maintain their role within the business arena. The energy market is in the process of transitioning and thus creates new challenges for businesses. The question arises, “how do businesses manage disruption with the marketplace to maintain their role?”


Come along to hear from Ralph Ellis, President Operations Services-Asia Pacific at Wood, about how Wood is managing this to maintain their role within the energy market amidst this disruption, focusing on how energy transition is impacting the Asia Pacific market for Wood and its clients.


Learn how to employ similar strategies to help your business embrace disruption within the market.

060056 Event Image

Business Luncheon

Friday 27 February

12.00pm - 2.00pm

Perth CBD



The mounting challenges in agriculture are pressuring Australian agri-businesses to adopt smarter and innovative technologies to raise productivity, improve yields and better manage resources. How can blockchain and other technologies revolutionise the agriculture industry? How can blockchain and other technologies improve trust and transparency in agri-business?


Leanne Kemp, Founder & CEO, Everledger; and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur


Ben van Delden, Partner, Head of AgriFood Tech & Markets, KPMG Australia


Jackie Taranto, Managing Director, Messi International; and Chief QODE Officer


Professor David Lamb, Chief Scientist, Food Agility CRC


Panel facilitated by AmCham Premium Member, CSIRO

040037 Event Image

Business Luncheon

Thursday 28 February

11.30am - 2.00pm

Stamford Plaza Brisbane



Marnie Baker, Managing Director

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


With the Hayne Report from the Banking Royal Commission due to be submitted in February, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the head of the bank that many say fared best in the proceedings. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank regularly ranks among the most trusted brands and most trusted banks in Australia; Ms Baker will reflect on the tumultuous past year, and the future for her institution.

020146 Event Image

Business Luncheon

Wednesday 13 March

12.00pm – 2.00pm

Sydney CBD

Super Bowl LIII Event Image



The 2019 NFL Super Bowl is just around the corner; Super Bowl LIII will decide the champions for the 2018 season. And the next best thing to being at the Super Bowl live is to experience AmCham’s Super Bowl networking event! The most-watched American television broadcast of the year is considered an unofficial American holiday. What better way to start your week than a Super Bowl event on a Monday morning?


This Super Bowl event will attract companies and their guests from the entire AmCham membership. Come and enjoy drinks and American style finger food while watching the game. You will have the opportunity to make new business connections, network in a unique venue, and enjoy this great American sporting event.




Monday 4 February

10.00pm - 3.00pm

Richmond Football Club




Monday 4 February

8.45am - 3.00pm

Swill Bar, Welcome to Bowen Hills




Monday 4 February

10.00am - 3.00pm

P.J. O`Brien`s

AmCham Academy

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