How Business Really Works: The Business of Science & The Science of Business with Larry Marshall

Published Monday, 14 August 2017

Can a CEO be a scientist? Can a scientist be a CEO? Have you ever wondered what science knows about business? What do they contribute? A lot more than you are probably aware of! Joining us on our How Business Really Works podcast on “The Business of Science & The Science of Business” with Larry Marshall, CSIRO.

Dr Larry Marshall is Chief Executive of CSIRO , Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst. For almost a century, CSIRO has translated excellent science into profound impact for the benefit of all Australians and the world. This impact has come in the form of WiFi, plastic banknotes, extended wear contact lenses and Aerogard insect repellent, just to name a few.

Larry is a scientist, technology innovator and business leader with a wealth of experience in creating new value and impact with science. He was born in Sydney and received his PhD in physics at Macquarie University, completing part of it while studying at Stanford University in the US.

He began his career in the USA, licensing his work with lasers to create a range of healthcare solutions in ophthalmology. He has held senior leadership positions, including as founder and as CEO, at companies in biotechnology, photonics, telecommunications and semiconductors, including Light Solutions, Iridex, Iriderm, Lightbit, Translucent, AOC, Intersymbol and Arasor. He was Managing Director of Southern Cross Ventures, an early stage VC firm based in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Sydney, specialising in growing Australian technology companies in Asia and the US.

He has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and conference papers, holds 20 patents, and has served on 20 boards of high tech companies operating in the US, Australia and China.

He has been a passionate supporter of Australian innovation , returning to Australia to take up the leadership of CSIRO, which he believes is essential to pivot Australia’s economy.

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