How Business Really Works: Veterans as an Untapped Business Resource with Tom Moore

Published Monday, 19 June 2017

Today you’ll learn why Australian veterans are taking over corporate Australia and could be one of the best hires you ever make! Discussing this with podcast host Duff Watkins is Tom Moore, Managing Director and CEO, WithYouWithMe.

WithYouWithMe is the brain child of Tom Moore, a veteran who has deep experience in the transition process.

As Managing Director and CEO, Tom operates and runs the organisation’s mentoring product, oversees and advises the development of the software, is in charge of the company’s talent acquisition strategy and process, supports the CFO in the engagement of investors and fundraising and leads the companies go to market and B2B sales strategy.

Tom spent more than eight years in the defence force managing a team of 100 soldiers in various combat situations. Unfortunately Tom suffered physical injury whilst was reassigned to manage a transition and contract termination cell within the Australian Army where he saw firsthand the issues of the current transition model.

On this podcast you will find out the misconceptions HR (and you) have about what veterans bring to the workplace and how an Australian start-up is harnessing the talent of veterans and preparing them for success in civilian life.

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