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April Palmerlee CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Australia

AmCham’s aim is to be a critical hub offering connections and access to opportunity. AmCham gives members exclusive access to thought leadership, communities of interest, policy advice, business advocacy, information, and relationships with business and government. We are the hub providing members with a competitive advantage to grow their businesses efficiently and intelligently.

Our roots are in America, but today we serve the business community across Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific region. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, AmCham is Australia’s largest and most prestigious international business organisation. We provide assistance to U.S. and Australian companies and we promote trade, commerce and investment to and from Australia.

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Upcoming Events

4 - 6 August 2020 | Digital Seminar 
On-demand until 5 September 2020
WOBI on Business Transformation 

A 100% digital event with Charlene Li distributed over three sessions in three days, in which Li, a leading expert on digital transformation and disruptive growth strategies, will impart to us what it takes to be disruptive, and how to see each new wave of change as an opportunity for exponential growth and impact.

Session One: The Disruption Mindset - Transforming and Reinventing Your Business

Session Two: The Future Customer Experience

Session Three: Leading the Transformation of Your Organisation
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13 August 2020 | The Future Series: PART TWO
WORK: My Boss is a Robot

Join prominent CEOs to explore the skills companies are looking for in today's ideal employees. It is a fact that there are jobs available in Australia now. In fact, without overseas immigration at this time, Australian companies must look to domestic sources of talent to help drive industry sectors. And with many industries competing for similar talents, how do employers make their jobs stand out to the best talent?

Most jobs in modern manufacturing are not on the factory floor; they come in the design and engineering phase, and then in distribution, sales and servicing after. So, to find and fill a future job, business and people needs to adapt.

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13 August 2020 | Business Series
Doing Business in the USA

COVID-19 has changed the way that most companies do business but closed borders do not mean that trade and investment opportunities are non-existent. Particularly useful for decision makers, small businesses and start-ups, this workshop will highlight the key ins and outs of doing business in the U.S.A. in the COVID environment. This is your opportunity to learn more about what has changed, what opportunities exist in the current environment regarding business expansion into the US and investment strategies, support services, operational, people management across borders and legal considerations - get practical tips and guidance to help you set up, grow and develop your business now and post COVID.
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18 August 2020 | USA Series
The America Series 

Voters demand climate action (as long as it doesn’t cost much). What was once the most divisive and important topics facing the US election has now taken a back seat to Jobs, Economy and Healthcare. Is the choice the Economy or Sustainability? Can we have both? Or is Sustainability the responsibility of Big Business. John Elkington coined the phrase the “triple bottom line” which is a sustainability framework that examines a company’s social, environment, and economic impact.
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20 August 2020 | The Future Series: PART THREE
WORLD: Act like you would in a Crisis 

We need to create future work that adds value and manufactures complex things in a sustainable way. Young people care about the environment like no generation has before. Australia does not need or want to compete with the high pollution low cost manufacturing mass produced factories. We are looking to solar, hydrogen and nuclear as energy options.

Environmental concerns need to be at the forefront of our thinking in building this new economy.
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25 August 2020 | Business Series
LIVE from America: Cybersecurity

Australia has a lot of serious threats, whether it is taking down the power grid,. holding healthcare systems hostage stealing money from your bank account, cyber threats collectively now exceed the danger of physical attacks against us. Our democratic process and freedom depend on a collaboration of government, private sectors and individuals to prevent future cyber attacks.
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2020 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition

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Tax Policy Update: Path to Next Stimulus Uncertain Following House Passage of HEROES Act

On Friday evening, the House of Representatives approved, by a vote of 208199, the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act (H.R. 6800), viewed as House Democrats’ initial proposal in what could be a multi-week negotiatio


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